Viton™ B-Type and F-Type Fluoroelastomers

Improved Processing Fluoroelastomers with Additional Benefits

The Viton™ B-type and F-type families of fluoroelastomers are a new generation of terpolymers offering:

  • Improved processing
  • Increased mold flow
  • Excellent mold release
  • Improved extrusion performance

Superior Rheology Properties with Viton™ B-Type Fluoroelastomers

The Viton™ B-type family of fluoroelastomers are terpolymers used in applications where improved processing and rheology is needed. This can include:

  • Transfer- and injection-molding of complex shapes
  • Fuel hose and tubing extrusions
  • Solution coatings of fabrics, tanks, or chemical containers

Viton™ B-type family products can be blended with other Viton™ fluoroelastomer types to modify viscosity, enhance processability, and improve flow. The product is offered in two grades:

  • Viton™ B-202
  • Viton™ B-600

The “2” versus “6” is based on a measure of the polymer’s viscosity, which determines rubber processability. (Viscosity is measured at a specific temperature using the Mooney viscosity determination.)

Fuel Resistance Using Viton™ F-Type Fluoroelastomers

The Viton™ F-type family of fluoroelastomers are a new generation of terpolymers ideal for sealing applications requiring permeation resistance to fuels.

Viton™ F-type fluoroelastomers are used widely for compression and transfer molding of seals, gaskets, and O-rings that require excellent fluid resistance. Such fluid resistance is critical in automotive applications where parts are exposed to automotive fuels.

In addition to heat and chemical resistance characteristics, Viton™ F-type fluoroelastomers offer significant improvements in processing, rheology, and physical properties. The product is offered in one grade: Viton™ F-605C.