Viton™ Chemical Resistance Guide

The Elastomer Selection Tool

Knowing chemical compatibility is important for ensuring proper functioning, durability, and longevity of the final product.

Chemical resistance is a measure of:

  • Permeation: the process by which a chemical agent migrates through a material at the molecular level
  • Penetration: the bulk flow of a chemical agent through porous  materials, closures, seams, or imperfections in a material
  • Degradation: a damaging change in one or more physical property of a material after it's been exposed to a chemical agent

Each of these important characteristics is relevant to fluoroelastomers and elastomers when determining their compatibility with a very diverse range of chemicals.

The online Viton™ Chemical Resistance Guide provides basic information about elastomers and the properties that are important to consider when selecting them.

This guide offers:

  • Performance information for Viton™ fluoroelastomers and 20 other elastomers
  • Use-specific information, including each materials' compatibility and suitability to work with 1,000+ chemicals

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